About Us


The Oakwood Institute
…Training to be the best

The Oakwood Institute is a vocational skills acquisition centre which empowers children and adults to be independent, self employed and standout in their chosen field. Our curriculum is tailored towards making all participants independent expertise, with the help of our experienced facilitators in Public speaking, Diction, Rhythm & I (music, Dance) just to mention a few. The Oakwood Institute is situated at 22 Bode Thomas Street, by coconut bus stop, Surulere, Lagos.

The Oakwood Institute is established by Mrs. Uche Nzewi the Proprietress of The Oakwood Montessori School.

Our Vision/Mission is to educate and empower children& adult to do things on their own, and standout among their coeval.

Our services

Our services at The Oakwood Institute are as follows: